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Vista Palms Car Wash Testimonials



Jim V.
Chula Vista, CA


I love this car wash! The service is awesome....they always do a great job cleaning my wheels (which I am kind of picky about)....TRY IT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT...

Sonia P.
La Jolla, CA

Working' at the Carwash!

I have been washing my car at vista palms car wash for a few months now and I’ve never had any problems. Every time I go, all the employees are very nice and car comes out even nice. I highly recommend this carwash :)

Fernando C.
US Navy

Amazing Service and Quality

This is a rocking' carwash that did an awesome job detailing my car. When I went to pick it up I couldn't believe how good it looked. It was as if I had just picked up a new car from a dealership. The employees are very nice and helpful with whatever you need. Plus they just installed some new TVs in the waiting room which I haven't seen in any other car wash in the county. Overall this is the best carwash in the whole county hands down.

Mike T.
La Mesa, CA

Car Wash

Love their service; They do an Excellent all the time. Best Car wash in South Bay!!! I recommend

Julia G.
Chula Vista, CA

Awesome car wash!

I came to this car wash with my truck looking as if I had been off roading! They cleaned it very good inside out to the smallest detail! Left my car looking good as new! Great customer service will be back to this place for sure! ...

Nevin R.
Pacific Beach, CA

I’ve always gone to this car wash since...

I got my first car. All I have to say is.... WOW!! They always have awesome service and still do! I left the car wash feeling like I had a spanking brand new car!!! Thank you Vista Palms Car Wash for always exceeding my expectations, needs, and wants!!! ...This is my new car wash home! And seeing as how I live in Orange County, and this place is in Chula Vista, that says a lot.

For 30 bucks, they treated my car like it was priceless. When I pulled up I asked the guy what package would be the best to clean the inside of my car. It was pretty stanky and dusty in there. Gross. He said 30 bucks gets you interior detail, all the fun coating stuff on your car, vacuum and a scent. I was skeptical as Sidekick Big Bite had just had his car washed the month before at a different place and their idea of detailing the interior was taking a dirty rag to everything. But they did it up real nice here. My car, with its mismatched paint and broken fender got the tent treatment. That's right. They pulled her up alongside the BMW's and Mercedes. She was a queen among kings. And they did an awesome job making sure all the stank and dust was gone. Like I said, this is my new car wash home.

Jennifer B.
La Mesa, CA

Detail Spot

Just got back in town after being deployed, cars been sitting for a year and looked HORRIBLE! Dropped the car off this morning and just picked it up.  They brought my Mustang back to life!  Thanks guys, looks great, look out ladies here I come! This IS home!

Rick S.
Lemon Grove, CA

I Just Want To Say I Love This Place!!!

I was just driving by when I saw a sign for $8.99 car wash! I thought to myself, Heck yea!! I pull in and I see a sign for $13.99. Here is what I got. Carpet Vacuumed Rugs cleaned Car wash w/ wax Spot cleaning after the car wash Interior cleaned Tires cleaned Windows cleaned (inside) Now I bet once they saw inside my car they thought, "Dangit! We should have charged her more!!!" Anyhow I def. plan on going back here when I want my car cleaned.

Sara H.
San Diego, CA

Been coming here for years and it has always been favorite car wash in the city...the service is great and they are very efficient, add that to great prices and you've got an excellent formula for Customer Satisfaction. Nice to know places still care about giving good customer service. Just wanted to kudos to whoever the owner of this place for the Military Appreciation Day Event he did last month. More business owners should model themselves after that's how you give back to your community. A True American!

Aaron T.
Chula Vista, CA

This Car wash is awesome! I've been here many times, and it’s the best Car Wash in South Bay. I do recommend this car wash to all my family and friends. Cool PLACE!!

Silvia M.
Chula Vista, CA

Simply the Best

My boyfriend never has time to clean my car and I refuse to do it! I brought my car here and they totally cleaned it amazing! I'm so glad he was too busy these last few weeks because he could have NEVER made it look this good! Thanks!! It was cheap I think I paid like $14bucks and they did my tires carpets and cleaned the interior even the cup holders! like a detail minus the wait!

Nancy C.
Chula Vista, CA

What an awesoooooooome place!!!

I just got a free car wash today because it was my 10th! I always lose those little gift cards I went to pay and the cashier just told me no charge they automatically register the car every time you come in What a great day!!! To boot it was quick I went around 10 am took 20 minutes and I was out. This place has an army of guys!! I hate waiting in line I drive a black escalade and there always drips of water that run down the sides the second I leave when I get my car washed anywhere else arghr!! these guys have 2 or 3 guys on each car running around blow drying the doors and side mirrors so you don’t get dripage. I’m in the military so my days off are precious thanks! Customer for life!

David M. USMC
Bonita, CA


Vista Palms has to be the best car wash out there! I have really never been a believer in going to a car wash; however, with a busy schedule I have no time! Ever since I've been coming here, never have I been disappointed! They leave my car spotless and smelling like a brand new car! (no joke, they have a "brand-new car" scent). I LOVE coming to this place! I arrive there and I have nothing to worry about, I am ASSURED they will leave my car impeccable! I don't think this car wash can receive a rating other than 5 STARS! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Grace M.
South Bay

Oh my Goodness I love it here!!

I haven’t got my car washed in a while but my kids finally just made the biggest tornado I couldn't take it anymore! I used to go to the other place down the street but the lady always gave me attitude. I came here instead today and they left it squeaky clean better than ever! My tires look so cute! I’m coming for life!

Cynthia A.
Point Loma, CA