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Vista Palms Car Wash Fundraising

Who Qualifies

Vista Palms Fundraising
  • Schools
  • Community Projects
Vista Palms Fundraising
  • Religious Organizations
  • Local Service Clubs 
Vista Palms Fundraising
  • Athletic Teams 
  • Any Non-Profit Organizations 

Getting Started

Getting your organization started with a Vista Palms fundraiser is simple. Send us an email to

How it works Fundraising & Charity Events

Vista palms car wash is actively involved with the community. We offer several different programs to support local charities, schools, religious organizations and other community organizations.

Washing or Waxing for dollars

On-site support For a fundraising campaign, we offer the opportunity for the organization or charity to be represented live on-site. We encourage the pre-selling of our car wash and wax services in conjunction with an event at our car wash. Past participants have performed live concerts, street fairs, and carnivals. Donors purchasing washes and waxes are encouraged to use them on the day the organization is on-site. The organization may display approved signage and ask for donations during a planned event.


(Some limitations may apply)
Not valid with any other promotion

All events and or promotions must be reviewed and approved by management at least 30 days prior to event.